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Date Founded

Wine Trail Traveler began in January 2007. The idea of writing about wineries and creating learning modules developed during 2006. The tipping point came as we were talking to a professional about visiting wineries. He told us he would like to visit wineries but did not know what to do or how to go about it. This gave us the spark to create the website for Wine Trail Traveler, write articles about visiting wineries, and develop simple learning modules about wine related topics. As the site grew, forum and recipe sections were added. Recipes on the website use wine as an ingredient.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wine Trail Traveler is to inspire and inform others to develop an appreciation of the wine culture by visiting wineries and vineyards.

Terry and Kathy Sullivan

6578 Dovecote Dr.
Columbia, Maryland 21044

Phone 410-402-0217

Press about Wine Trail Traveler
     November 11, 2013;Merrill Bonarrigo in the Messina Hof Newsletter wrote an article titled "Meet Terry & Kathleen Sullivan." You can view the newsletter online. Scroll down about 18 inches for the article.
     June 14, 2010; Paul Vigna, The Patriot-News, wrote a piece Wine Trail travelers to hit milestone of 500th winery visit
     March 18, 2010; In the article Tasting Room Etiquette from the Wine Trail Travelers, Reston Limousine comments and paraphrases one of the Wine Trail Traveler articles.
     May 26, 2009; Online version of US News & World Report. 10 Great Places to Retire for Wine Lovers. Emily Brandon. Read the last paragraph of article.
     January 19, 2009; Talk Colorado Wine and Wine Country: Wine Trail Traveler Keeps It "All in the Family"
     July 31, 2008; The Wine Classroom: Couple squishes a lot of trips onto wine site


May 7, 2011

Hi Kathleen – just wanted to thank you so much for the great press you gave our Slow Food Vast Wine event on your blog, and also the wine charms for our fundraiser! We very much appreciate your support; the fundraiser was our best event yet, and you and our other sponsors/donors helped to make that happen!
I also enjoyed learning more about Wine Trail Traveler, your company and website. The website is full of terrific information! I especially liked reading the “Wine in the Bible” articles as that is another connection we seem to have in common – seeing the sacramentality of everyday life, family, friends, and good food and drink.
Best of luck, and prayers for your future success. I hope we can count on your support for next year’s Slow Food Vast Wine to be held April 28th, 2012!

Laura Accettullo
John XXIII Montessori Children's Center, Inc.

From: Cherry Republic newsletter The Orchard Report Volume 10, Issue 38
September 30, 2010

News of the North
The Wine Trail Traveler team visited the Cherry Republic Stomp House and we are proud to see that we were highlighted with an article. Much of what The Wine Trail Traveler has written you probably already know about us, but scroll to the bottom, as it is fun to see a grape expert go into detail about our cherry wines. There are reviews of wineries all over the country, and they really know their wine. And now they know their cherry wine, too. Read the article.

Hi Terry,
Just wanted to let you know I set up our winery's twitter account yesterday and sent my first tweets this morning. Wanted to thank you for the recent article you sent(last month?) via email titled "How Wineries Can Get on the Twitter Bandwagon". I had been doing some research on twitter in preparation for opening our account, but I found your article really broke it down and made it seem really simple and approachable. I am am following about 10 or 12 businesses/people so far and am sure I will grow this number. I am going to follow you as well. Twitter seems like it will be fun, I like the brief nature of the tweets. At the end of your article it says if we referenced your article to create our account you would post our Twitter address, I would greatly appreciate it as I try to build a following. I set our name up as ChaddsfordWine
Thanks again for a great article!

Denise McMillan
Communications Director
Chaddsford Winery

Dear Terry,
The article is exceptional, and the photos exquisite. The facts are accurate, and we very much appreciate your and Kathy’s talent in putting these articles together. Even though we have been fortunate to win over 40 national and international awards for our wines, we and the entire Colorado wine industry can use all the excellent exposure we can obtain---and your articles will certainly help. Please visit us again when you can stay for lunch or dinner on the patio at the Twisted Cork Cafe as our guests.

Warmest regards,
Terry and Michael Barkett
Montain Spirit Winery


Terry and Kathy--

You are fast! I like the article very much and am amazed at how accurate
you were. I know you were taking notes but you would be surprised at the
number of times, a reporter has recorded or taken notes and still got lots

Nice to visit with you--hope you enjoyed your trip to Oregon.

Phelps Creek Vineyards
Hood River, Oregon

Hi Terry,

It was a pleasure to meet you and Kathy also...and your son! Thanks again for your
visit.  I've been to your site and it is just great.  You have given the wine
enthusiast a valuable tool for discovering American wines.

Sincerely Yours,

Peg Raley
Nassau Valley Vineyards

We were part of the tour at Schramsberg. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your website. You wrote a wonderful review of Schramsberg. We enjoyed our visit as well. I purchased a bottle of the Blanc de Blanc at a local Gourmet Wine shop in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and am giving it as a wedding gift along with a bottle of Terra Valentine Pinot Noir. We also visited that winery during our stay in Napa Valley. Hope to visit Brandywine Valley some day, since it’s not too far from my hometown, Philadelphia. Thank you for your interesting and informative website.
Loretta Reed
Post Falls, Idaho

Thank you again for your time spent at Keswick Vineyards, I enjoyed meeting with both yourself and Kathy. The article is great and all facts are correct. I hope the rest of your day was enjoyable.
Take Care and Regards
Keswick Vineyards

Dear Terry,
The article is lovely and accurate. It sounds like you had a great visit. I am so glad that you enjoyed the Farm Shop and the wines. Please let me know when you are next in Charlottesville so that I can try to meet you in person.
Warm regards,
Kristin Moses Murray
Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard

Schweet!!! Thanks so much for the kind article. When you’re in the neighborhood again be sure to stop by and say hi!
Sam Finlay
Wine of the Month Club
Rappahannock Cellars

Hi Terry.
Thanks for taking the time to send Kathy’s article in a PDF form. I just read the piece and I am sitting here grinning! You really captured key ideas and pertinent information plus you certainly cast me in a flattering light. Maybe I am not just grinning but blushing. I like that you called out the Terlato Family Vineyards program. Have a good day and thanks for the nice coverage.
Kay Malaske
Coordinator of Trade Relations and Hospitality
Rutherford Hill and Chimney Rock Wineries

Hi All!
What a beautiful job Meghan did!! She does have the talent for Journalism! I like the article very much. Jim hasn't read it yet but I know he would approve. Thank you so much for taking the time to travel that great distance to visit and give us publicity! Kudos to you as you continue to pursue this adventure of yours. Hope to keep in contact with you. We enjoyed your visit very much.
Mary Pickering
Pickering Winery

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