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Wine Trail Traveler Announces Wine Website for the Traveler


Wine Trail Traveler, Columbia, Maryland, announces a new website, www.winetrailtraveler.com, available as of January 2007. The mission of Wine Trail Traveler is to inspire and inform others to develop an appreciation of the wine culture by visiting wineries and vineyards.

The website has several sections including “Wine Trail articles”, “Learning Modules”, and a “Community” section with a forum. The “Home” section provides a welcome statement, Wine Trail Traveler’s Mission Statement and a “What’s New” article that is updated every two weeks.

The “Wine Trails” section has articles about wineries that have been personally visited. Wineries have been visited in California, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and additional visits will continually be added. Soon articles will be added about wineries in England and Wales.

The “Learning” Section is subdivided into “Modules”, “Guides” and “Articles”. “Modules” are Flash-based slides that explore a wine related concept. “Modules” include:
-How to Taste Wines

-How to Teach Your Nose to Smell

-The Vineyard


-Sparkling Wines
-Barrel making (soon to be added)

The guides are PDF documents that can be viewed on a computer or downloaded and printed. The “Winery Tasting Guide” offers information for the first time winery visitor. The “Tasting Form” is also meant for beginners who want to learn about tasting wines. The articles include information about learning opportunities that both beginners and experts can attend.

The “Wine, Food and Art” Section has articles about wine and culinary centers such as the New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua, and Copia in Napa. Soon to be added is an article about Vinopolis in London. The “Food” area offers a growing collection of recipes from wineries that include wine as one of the ingredients. The Art subsection will eventually have articles about the art that is featured at many wineries.

The “Community” Section offers a gathering place for the visitor to the website. Here visitors can lurk or write in the forum, read the current or previous newsletters, read
op-ed articles and link to other wine related websites.

According to one winery visitor, “[I] Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your website. You wrote a wonderful review of Schramsberg. Thank you for your interesting and informative website.” A winery wrote: “You really captured key ideas and pertinent information….”

Check out www.winetrailtraveler.com a new wine website with a different focus.

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