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Terry P. Sullivan
Wine Trail Traveler, LLC
6578 Dovecote Drive
Columbia, MD 21044
Phone: 410-402-0217
Wine Trail Traveler, LLC Announces the Debut of a Companion Website: Food.WineTrailTraveler.com

Columbia, MD – January 4, 2012 – Wine Trail Traveler, LLC announced a new companion website to the family of WineTrailTraveler sites. The new site Food.WineTrailTraveler.com will focus on cheese, vinegar and olive and grape seed oils. Initially the food site has five menu items including Home, Epicurean, Recipes, Calendar and Forum. The Epicurean menu has the sub-menu items Cheese, Vinegar and Oils. Oils is further divided into olive oil and grape seed oil. These sub-menus include articles about the food item as well as reviews of places that produce the item. More than 25 recipes that use cheese, vinegar or oil are in the recipe section. New recipes are added monthly. The Calendar menu takes website visitors to a table of events that emphasize cheese, vinegar or oils. The Forum is a community setting where site visitors discuss cheese, vinegar and olive and grape seed oils.

For additional information about Wine Trail Traveler, LLC, contact Terry Sullivan or visit the website.

About: Wine Trail Traveler is a winery and vineyard virtual visitor center established in January 2007. The current owners, Terry and Kathy Sullivan, are working full-time to develop the website for the promotion of agri-tourism. Wherever wineries are located, the community benefits with increased land preservation and increased visitors needing restaurants and lodging.












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