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Country: Canada, Providence: Ontario
Location: Vineland and Jordan

Plan Your Trip to: Wineries along the Niagara Peninsula in Vineland and Jordan

About a thirty minute drive west from Niagara Falls are charming towns and agricultural areas when vineyards dot the landscape. At times you can see Lake Ontario in the distance and on clear days you can see Toronto.

Day 1

First Stop:
Travel to Stoney Ridge Estate Winery (A)
3201 King St., Vineland, Ontario
(905) 562-1324
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Second Stop:
Travel to Kacaba Vineyards (B)
3550 King St., Vineland, Ontario
(866) KACABA-8 or (905) 562-5625
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Third Stop:
Travel to Vineland Estates Winery (C)
3620 Moyer Road, Vineland, Ontario
(888) VINELAND (846-3526)
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Evening Lodging Options

Option A: Spend the evening at Inn on the Twenty (W)
3845 Main Street, Jordan, Ontario
(905) 562-5336
Toll Free Reservations 1-800-701-8074
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Option B: Spend the evening at Honsberger Estate (X)
4060 Jordan Road, Jordan Station
(905) 562-6789 or (905) 562-4339

Day 2

First Stop:
Travel to Cave Spring Cellars (D)
3836 Main Street , Jordan, Ontario
(905) 562-3581
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Second Stop:
Travel to Creekside Estate Winery (E)
2170 Fourth Avenue, Jordan Station, Ontario
(905) 562-0035 or (877) 262-9463
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Third Stop:
Travel to Flat Rock Cellars (F)
2727 Seventh Avenue, Jordan, Ontario
(905) 562-8994
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If time permits travel to St. Catherines

Fourth Stop:
Travel to Rockway Glen Golf Course/Estate Winery (G)
3290 Ninth Street, St. Catharines, Ontario
(905) 641-1030 or Toll-free (877) ROCKWAY
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