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Winery and Vineyard Photo Challenge

Can you guess where this photo was taken? Photos will be posted on Tuesdays. A clue will be given on Wednesdays and another clue given on Thursdays. The answer will be given on Fridays. All of the photos are located somewhere on the Wine Trail Traveler site.

Photo Challenge for October 27, 2009
This giant cork screw is at the road leading to a winery tasting room. Where is this winery tasting room?

If you have an answer, use Twitter and send a direct message to winetrailtravel
D winetrailtravel your answer
Or if you prefer, email you answer to photochallenge at winetrailtraveler.com

Need some help?

Wednesday's Clue: Virginia
Thursday's clue:Chesapeake Bay wine region

Answer: White Fences Vineyards

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